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I am an Illustrator, Designer and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher based in Melbourne, Australia.  11 years ago, I couldn't have even dreamed up the idea of becoming an Illustrator. Designing fabric simply wasn't something I'd ever imagined being able to do. As a former sculptor I was used to working on a life sized scale producing large pieces out of fibreglass and ceramics. My work had a much more masculine feel and was heavily influenced by Giger and special effects artists. 

After becoming a single mum at 29, like many new mums, I was struggling to find a meaningful career to fit into my new life as a parent. I decided to move to Melbourne,  go back to University and study Illustration. For most people around me, this seemed like the most illogical decision in the world. And yet I felt so strongly that it was the right thing to do. 
Juggling work, solo parenting and full time study wasn't easy.
But taking that into the real world at the end of it, and trying to figure out where I fit as a Sculptor turned Illustrator was an even greater challenge.
It has taken it's fair share of blood, sweat and tears.  Slowly but surely, I worked towards goals I did not know I had. They simply manifested as an intense desire to create something beautiful, and not give up on that. 

Heaven to Earth is the result of the joining of two potent forces in my life - Art and Yoga. Both of which have been part of me since childhood.

Heaven to Earth comes from humble beginnings,
each one of my fabrics are hand drawn, printed right here in Melbourne, and sewn by hand. This is the more expensive and time consuming route, but I am equally passionate about supporting local business as much as possible, knowing where my product comes from and creating as much authentic beauty for my surroundings as I can. 
If you have a special request, feel free to get in touch.

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